About Us

The Global Member Interest Group (GMIG) is a community of members focused on improving the nutritional status in regions with high burdens of malnutrition or with nutritional crises due to conflict or natural disasters, through the sharing of information, resources, and ideas among Academy members, students, governmental and non-profit aid organizations, and health workers within these countries.

GMIG raises the profile of international malnutrition within the Academy while developing the capacity of Academy members with shared ideas, resource tools, research, experiences and strategies on the prevention and management of malnutrition in vulnerable people in developing regions whose nutritional status is still highly intertwined with issues of poverty, sanitation, unclean water, agriculture, literacy, and cultural norms and whose financial and professional resources are limited.


Resource Library

The Global MIG (GMIG) Resource Library offers educational and training materials specific to food and nutrition topics in developing countries.

Resource Library

Talent Pool

Global MIG (GMIG) offers a talent pool to search for GMIG members in specific focus areas, areas of interest/specialty, languages, type of work, experience, and more.

Talent Pool

Membership Benefits

GMIG is a new group just starting June 1, 2019!  Please visit our new website during our inaugural as we continue to add new benefits and features for members!

  • A connected community for sharing resources and experiences including opportunities for mentorship, resource sharing, online discussions, case studies and webinars.
  • Collaborative opportunities with external organizations, including NGO's, international health and development groups, and government agencies that align with GMIG.
  • Development of competency through leadership, education and professional development opportunities including a resource hub, CPEU, evidence based case studies.
  • Access to region/country specific resources to equip members with knowledge and training.
  • Advocacy with the Academy's Foundation on research and global initiatives.
  • Member directory allowing members to connect and learn from each other.



You must be an Academy member to join GMIG. Annual dues are $15 for Members and $10 for student members for the June 1 to May 31 Academy year starting June 1, 2019. Contact the Academy's membership team at membership@eatright.org or 800/877-1600, ext. 5000 to indicate your interest in signing up for the new MIG starting February of 2019 for the membership year beginning June 2019.