About Us

About Us


Purpose Statement

The Global Member Interest Group (GMIG) is a community of members focused on improving the nutritional status in regions with high burdens of malnutrition or with nutritional crises due to conflict or natural disasters, through the sharing of information, resources, and ideas among Academy members, students, governmental and non-profit aid organizations, and health workers within these countries.

GMIG raises the profile of international malnutrition within the Academy while developing the capacity of Academy members with shared ideas, resource tools, research, experiences and strategies on the prevention and management of malnutrition in vulnerable people in developing regions whose nutritional status is still highly intertwined with issues of poverty, sanitation, unclean water, agriculture, literacy, and cultural norms and whose financial and professional resources are limited.



Goal 1:  Offer members a connected community for sharing resources and experiences

  • Showcase members:
    • Produce case studies
    • Share photos (from events, of members, etc).
    • Host webinar(s) that spotlight members. 
  • Leverage Academy affiliate events to connect and recruit members.
  • Host FNCE® networking events to connect and recruit members.
  • Produce a member quarterly electronic communication.
  • Host discussion forums/electronic mailing list (EML)
  • Offer a mentor program
  • Offer an expanded membership directory that includes member expertise, geographic region and focus areas and more.
  • Submit FNCE® educational speakers to Academy’s Lifelong Learning Team

Goal 2:  Identify external organizations, including NGO’s, international health and development groups, and government agencies that align with GMIG.

  • Develop a prospectus that defines grant opportunities.
  • Maintain MIG Network relationships with external organizations to connect members with international needs, efforts, opportunities, resources and goals.
  • Provide information about these organizations to members. 
  • Identify resources and research relevant to international nutrition and share with members.
  • Serve as a resource for external organizations.
  • Identify opportunities for members to collaborate with external groups.
  • Educate NGO’s on the importance of utilizing nutrition professionals (resources available to non-members).

Goal 3:  Increase competence of members through leadership, education and professional development.

  • Host CPEU webinar trainings on various topics.
  • Offer a hub for resources where members can upload self-created resources.
  • Create evidence based case studies with the Academy’s Publication Team.
  • Develop region/country specific resources for members to learn about various regions.

Goal 4:  Advocate for GMIG strategic focus throughout the Academy.

  • Collaborate with other DPGs and MIGs on relevant topics.
  • Collaborate with the Foundation on research and global initiatives.
  • Collaborate with the Academy’s International Affiliate of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (IAAND).
  • Serve as a resources to Academy internal teams.